Reviewed by Jetana Mutter

*This book was provided for an honest review

Those with any life experience knows that if you have wealth, then you have a sense of entitlement about your personality- especially if you grew up being wealthy. To those where money is no object, it is amazing what and who will go your way; everyone and everything have their price, if you are willing to pay it. With that sense of entitlement comes the thinking that ‘I am better than everyone’ and ‘I want it, give it to me!’ A normal person, when they don’t get what they want, they are bummed out about it but keep going. What happens when a Spoiled woman- or girl if you wish- doesn’t get what she wants though? Most of the time, it’s just a huge temper tantrum (almost as if you are watching an overgrown toddler cry about not getting their way) and that is it. Sometimes though, it can be enough for a person to snap.

In Spoiled by Elizabeth Cash and Erin Lee, our main characters are Cora and Micha. Cora is a woman from wealth; she owns her business with her brother Derek, and the two of them built their financial empire from the ground up- without Mommy and Daddy’s help. Micha, or Michael as those outside of work know him, grew up in a modest house and found his way into finances as a way to help his parents out. Micha has worked his way from lowly intern at Graham’s Incorporated to a big investment analyst and along the way has put himself onto Cora’s radar. Cora knows by looking at Micha that she wants him, bad, and will stop at nothing to get him- even if the sentiment isn’t returned. How will Cora react to someone turning her down? What will Micha do when Cora doesn’t accept ‘no’ for an answer? Pick up a copy of Spoiled today and find out for yourself!

This is the first collaboration between Cash and Lee that I have read- having read their works separately- and the way in which this was written is flawless. I’m always a little nervous to read collaborations between authors because there are times that the story doesn’t flow like it should since you have two different people bringing their own perspectives into the story line. In Spoiled, the story flows seamlessly between the characters, tipping a hat to both Cash and Lee for being able to write such expressive characters without making it feel like you are just reading two different parts to the same book. This book leaves you on one hell of a cliffhanger, when I reached the end I screamed out ‘What the…’ so I do hope that these two great women have plans for a sequel, just so that I can rest knowing what happens to Cora and Micha in the end. Jealousy is a dangerous thing, combining it with the intentions of a spoiled brat and you have the grand story that is left off as abrupt as…

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