The Slutty Bride

The Slutty Bride

Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review

Through life, we go through challenging events and some of the most incredible moments of our lives- a typical wedding day, for example; the most nervous event to happen in anyone’s life. The flowers have to be right; the ceremony has to be perfect- at least if the bride is a bridezilla. Slutty Bride by Ed Barr talks about the dark shadows that most do not venture into during a wedding scene. Join the tale of Caitlyn and David, as the events turn worse around every corner in the best event of David’s life. Ready to see what a Slutty Bride Caitlyn can be? Then you need to check this out. It is one of the best shorts I have read this year- there is violence, sex and blood all mixed in to one. Who can you trust is the main question in this short? Can you bear to see what will happen in Slutty Bride? Then go and see how hot it gets.

This is not the first I have read from Ed Barr; he is incredibly gifted at taking horror and mixing it well with erotica. I typically do not like reading erotica in general but when it comes to Barr, I am all over it. He has a knack for making things stick in your mind and never being unseen after you read the in depth detail of his scenes that will surely disturb you in every way. Barr will always fascinate me, looking over the brink of the threshold into other sides of horror. He is quite a talented writer and I will always be looking forward to more- waiting to fill my bookshelves with his books.

Author: DS&JM Reviews

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