Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review


Books like Puckered make me absolutely detest that I have the ability to picture scenes that I have read vividly in my mind. I loved every bit of this book although I really could have done without some of the visuals that appeared while reading. My son saw me reading this book and decided to come over to ask me ‘Daddy, what is that?’ I turned the book over and said ‘It is Puckered and it is definitely not a book for you.’ He looked at the cover and said ‘Ewwwww, I cannot like that; it’s nasty. It is smelly, it stinks Daddy,’ while he fanned his nose. My son is three. Yes, this book does stink- literally- by what the contents inside provide with the most putrid, smelly and grotesque situations that you could ever think of when it comes to a natural thing that everyone does- everyday.

Percival James is a man-child that lives with his mother who tries his best to get kicked out by doing everything that he is not supposed to do. You see, James has this fetish- a very weird fascination of being the one to hold the longest record. This fetish deals with fecal matter. Oh yes, David Owain Hughes and Peter Oliver Wonder took it there- but do not let that make you shy away from a beautifully crafted story of a shower of blood and fecal residue. James is one of the most vile, disgusting creations that God has ever made. You will be tested in many ways throughout this story while you read about a person that craves something that is so much more different from others. Will James hold the longest record before letting go too early? Find out yourself when you pick up your copy of Puckered, you will not regret it.

Through this story, some things made me laugh (I am somewhat sick in the head, so I found certain situations hilarious), but what made me actually laugh was because this book is so uniquely described by David Owain Hughes and Peter Oliver Wonder. Hughes and Wonder are perfect at constructing such an unparalleled story together. I did not know what to expect when this book arrived at my doorstep; I started to read and thought to myself, yep, they really took it there. Literally, this short is one of the best I’ve read all year. Not only is this story masterfully crafted, but it is one of the most disturbing and grotesque ones I have ever read because it deals with the evacuation of the bowels. A topic that most would not dare to write about for entertainment purposes. If you love to be challenged to read a story from start to finish, then you will love Hughes and Wonder in this epic ride of fecal matter with Percival James in Puckered.

I cannot place or compare Hughes and Wonder to anything that I have read so far- they are completely exceptional. My question to these two authors would be where they were when they came up with the idea for this. Puckered is in the top ten of the best and most challenging reads that I have come across yet. The skills and descriptions that they use to setup the scenes and the characters galvanized me. These two could have screwed up and made one of the worst books ever, but they produced one of the best fetish stories ever, that is purely and satisfying unique all the way around. I will always be looking forward to more from Hughes and Wonder in the future- I will have a section on my bookshelves to fill just for them.

Author: DS&JM Reviews

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