Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review

Many people wait every month for all sorts of things- it could be that they’re waiting for the government to send them money on their overused EBT cards to buy junk food and other useless crap. It could be that they’re waiting to get a Social Security check to pay their bills and other necessities that are needed to maintain their lives. Maybe they, like you, are waiting patiently and nervously six days a week to check the mail; what might you get today? Did that check come from the insurance department? Did your last paycheck from the job you just left with no warning come in? I myself waited patiently for a book called Postal by Matt Shaw and J.R. Park. How ironic it was, waiting for this book to come in the mail when it is about many people waiting to receive a particular letter in their mailboxes. While many in the general population are waiting in line for the next ticket to hit the mega millions, these two authors created the ultimate lottery in the form of violence beyond anything I have ever come across before.

Imagine a world where you get a letter in the mail, waiting for days to see if you are a part of the elite. Thirteen lucky participants will receive a letter a month. The rules are simple: you can only kill one person and the ticket is not transferrable. There is a deadline though, so think quickly and relinquish that person from their mortal life. In the pages of Postal, you will experience anxiety, laughter and pure madness of a new world- think of Purging Day in The Purge. Only Postal is much better as it’s not everyone killing any and every person they can; it’s a limited time offer for only certain ones to obtain. I don’t want to give much away but I will say that Postal is smartly laid out in a different kind of world that Shaw and Park have presented to us. How would you kill someone if you happened to open your mailbox to find the golden letter? See how others choose to do it in the ultimate lottery ride inside this epic creation.

This is the first of Shaw’s and the second of Park’s work that I have had the absolute pleasure of reading. I’m not too sure who wrote what though as the story flows perfect and is connected beautifully together. The detailed writing and the character builds between these two is so creative in many ways but what made it unique and awesome to me was to see names of real people used in the story line. I will be pacing back and forth with anxiety to read more from Shaw and Park’s sick minds. To the many people wondering what you should read next, this is for you- a quick read that will make you think of all sorts of bad things. Oh good, the mail has just arrived. I wonder if I got that letter from the Department for the Postal Execution Center. I have been waiting for a year now and my patience is wearing off…

Author: DS&JM Reviews

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