DS&JM Reviews is a new review company that aims to bring unbiased reviews to people who want to know if the book is worth getting.  The idea of the review company came up one day while Demetrius and Jetana were talking and trying to figure out what she could do to start a career while being a stay-at-home mother; with Demetrius’ encouragement, DS&JM Reviews was born.

Being the most twisted of the pair, Demetrius enjoys the next hacked up gore fest of  horror books the most; like Clive Barker and the next big leader in the horror genre. Also, with the dark, twisted, and alternate universal world of psychological thrillers any type of serial killer known to man, and the work of fiction.  As he works at the Civil War Courier as an Advertising Sales Consultant, he has had published reviews within the Courier dealing with Civil War related books- both non-fiction and fictional.  He also is an avid history lover when it comes to the World War II era-dealing on the Germans side, with the Concentration Camps and the Nazi uprising of the Third Reich, as most of what you learn about in school is a very brief overview.  He also loves anything everything to do with comics- superheroes and villains alike; so most reviews of those natures will be done by him, though both will share their takes on other historical eras.

Jetana is an avid book lover- having been since she first learned to read.    She believes that a book should be written in a way that transcends the writing on the page and bring you into the world that the characters and figures are in, experiencing everything first hand as if you are there.  She enjoys reading books that cover just about any spectrum- from psychology and psychological thrillers to science fiction to young adult, and just about anything in between.  While she enjoys books from all genres, she loves the paranormal and fantasy realms the most, so books of those natures will be done mostly by her.

The pair have two toddlers so anything children’s related tends to dominate near bedtime, and throughout the day if the kids find a particular book that they enjoy.  With kids today growing up in the technological era, it is important to Jetana that the kids have avenues for creative expressions and learning opportunities other than tablets or phones and children’s books give an alternative to that.  A great children’s book should be able to be fun and capture their attention but also try to incorporate some values into it as well.

While both Demetrius and Jetana have their preferred areas, they will each be glad to review anything that is listed in the review policy guidelines.

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