Giveaway may be over, but you can still get these FREE shorts by John Winter

Giveaway Promo 6

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! It may be over, but you can still reap a reward for today, 9/11! These shorts will be FREE for today ONLY, but I encourage you to check out more by John Winter, and check out our review on his short book Golden Hour. Thank you so much to John, who helped make the featured promos possible- you truly went above and beyond what I was expecting to make this giveaway fun for everyone!

Get your copies now, and check out his other stuff; it’s worth getting into!

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All John Winter short stories available today.. FREE!

Giveaway Promo 5

As our giveaway is nearing an end- you’ve still got until 12:00 am Eastern US Time to register if you haven’t already- we’re partnering with our featured giveaway author, John Winter, to make all of these shorts we have featured throughout the week available TODAY 9/10, FREE! Go grab your copy from the links below, and go ahead and register for our giveaway too- John joins our other AWESOME authors and has some books for our lucky winners… Are you going to be one of them?

Enter the giveaway here!

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South Cove by John Winter.. FREE!


For today’s giveaway freebie, we have South Cove by John Winter! South Cove is a short horror story where a family outing quickly turns into David’s worst nightmare when he takes his son, Eddie, to the seaside at South Cove.

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A Long Way Home by John Winter


Today’s FREE short story is A Long Way Home by John Winter; available today 9/8- Sunday, 9/10!


Set in a bleak future where climate change threatens to bring about a new ice age, a father sets out, against the elements, to fetch medicine to save his daughter’s life.

It doesn’t take him long to realise that the storm has a life of its own.


Get your copy here or on Amazon UK here!

Sacrifice by John Winter… FREE!!


FREE today 9/7 and tomorrow 9/8 is Sacrifice by John Winter, a Joe Mancer short horror story! As part of our giveaway promo, Sacrifice is the next installment from John to be featured. Here’s a small taste to get you going:

“In five hours, Malcom Burke would be standing in a dark corner of the hospital with the ghost of his daughter in his pocket, waiting to hear whether the surgeon could remove the glass shards from his wife’s eyes.”

So begins the short story ‘Sacrifice,’ the new short story from John Winter, featuring Joe Mancer.


Get your copy on Amazon here or for UK here!

The Watch by John Winter


FREE today 9/6 and tomorrow 9/7 from John Winter comes The Watch! The Watch is a short horror story; wanna get a taste? Read on…!

“I stole a ghost.
I didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t even believe they existed.
It came with an old watch, and there was nothing about the antique timepiece that suggested it was haunted. The gold inlaid face and precise movement of the three hands spoke quality, as did its weight in my hand. I could tell it was expensive.
It was, but not financially.”

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The Secret by John Winter.. FREE short story


As part of our feature for our giveaway, John has provided short stories for FREE.  While today may be the last day you can get your copy of Lucifer’s Redemption, we now have another short available. You can pick this one up for today, 9/5 and tomorrow, 9/6! Click the links below to get your copy while you can, and find out what The Secret is!!