Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

If you don’t know who Andrew MacKay is, shame on you; but, it is not too late for you to read the work that comes from his genius mind that lies inside the pages of his books. I’d like to welcome you to another mind-altering book created by MacKay. He has written many books that range from comedy to horror and thriller; but Convenience is definitely in a category all of it’s own. It shifts to the left, the right and slams through to hit the water beneath. I have read books from MacKay about school shootings and terrorism, enjoyed being inside the mind of a coma patient, been inside the mind with a brain tumor and God knows what else will happen when it comes from MacKay’s mind. But, I believe Convenience is one of the best works of his to read so far. If you are a fan of Andrew’s, then Convenience is for you. Now, let’s dip inside and I’ll tell you a little.

Convenience is filled with the reality of a worker named Willy Gee. Willy works at the Kaleidoscope Shopping Centre in Chrome Valley. He is one of the most important people that works there other than your security guards; Willy is a supervisor of the facilities of Kaleidoscope. Yes, it was a big shock for me as well. Willy has been doing this type of work for a very long time, making sure he is on top of cleaning every hour, on the hour. He checks every cubicle and checks both the men and women’s restrooms to clean. It is that we don’t know what happens that really terrifies us. Are you ready to dive in the toiletries and roll in the filth of the cubicles with Willy Gee; bringing the madness and chaos that is waiting to reveal itself inside? Well, what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of Convenience today… and welcome to a shift in Willy’s world.

I have written a few reviews about Mr. MacKay’s work, but I have to say that this book touched me on a different level. Andrew has brought the ability to see inside of a normal working person at a mall and bring the craziest, most bizarre story that makes you shake your head and ask yourself, what did I just read? It is an experience that MacKay brings you with every book he writes, taking something completely normal and bringing absolute chaos by telling you the deepest, darkest secrets of it- connecting you to his stories. MacKay is skilled and clever in his word choices and layouts of his books, which results in the best stories, hands down. He brings a strong connection to the world of his imagination and you, the reader; but he also connects his books to each other in some way. It is fantastic and not something you see very much of. I look forward to his next release, as always, filling my bookshelves with Andrew MacKay’s work with each book that comes from his messed up mind.