Land of the Free

Land of the Free

Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review

Throughout human history, we have always been regaling tales in some fashion or another; mostly by verbal tales until the written word was discovered. Recorded history has come quite a ways since then- radio, films (silent, black and white, and color with sound) and television. One of my favorite ways of communicating these tales are books- the world you are visiting is only limited by the author’s descriptive abilities and the reader’s imagination to see the world. Many of these tales have something that appeals to everyone, whether it be passion, action or even science fiction. We’ve seen tales recently reflect a more dangerous tone to them… post-apocalyptical being the theme that tie them together. It is a subject that terrifies you but thrills you at the same time- begging you to think what would actually happen in that type of situation. What if the end of the world was actually the beginning of a new type of horrible reality? Michael Huard poses these questions in his debut fiction series, Land of the Free.

The United States falls into despair in the year 2016 with advances in technology, robotics and power-crazed corporations taking over all rational thought. The gates are opened to let religious and nuclear wars bring the world to ruins. The rich will consume the world… sounds similar to things happening in the world today. As long as the world still holds on, however, there is hope. Out of this hope, the Mystical Slayers are born- a beautiful sisterhood of patriotic women who are enhanced by superior intelligence and martial arts training. They are here to mark the nation free once again. This time, the battle consists of two organizations: Y-Wood Corporation, our villains who are world leaders of wealth and power ran through greed and corruption, and the Mystical Slayers- out to save humanity from those who seek to ruin the world further. Y-Wood takes the technology advances to bigger and astronomical places that destroys the middle ground leaving only the poor and the rich. The rich continue to pull the strings while the poor praise and worships the mega corporation, leading to the United States being ran by robotics. AI, artificial intelligence, tells the world what to do, how to act and how to live. Many years pass- a century worth- as several women were born, unlike any others. Metaya Valteese gets together with the best and the ultimate mother of a defense is born- the Mystical Slayers. Training them from a young age, like the Spartans, to use fighting and defensive skills and the secret weapon- a super drug named Starigen 6280 to give them increased brainpower, increased adrenaline, stronger bones and high tolerances to pain- these women will become the world’s saving grace. Seven women who will rise above everything to protect what’s left of the human race and their sisterhood in 3016 where Y-Wood has become bigger than ever. Taking down Y-Wood would result in the world turning back to normal with liberty and peace. Welcome to the Land of the Free.

I do not normally read dystopian science fiction, but I am glad I found this. Land of the Free is the most interesting novel I have read since The Maze Runner. Mr. Huard is clever when it comes to action and the realistic martial art moves- which makes sense because he teaches self-defense and martial arts for a living- and tosses in a robotic future. I would recommend this to many science fiction readers, those who love dystopian societies and comic book readers as well. Huard plans for many more books to quench the readers of the Mystical Slayers universe thirst. Honestly, I think Land of the Free would make an excellent film series- possibly even surpass movies such as The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games in looks and expectations- as what you will read in the book you will discover the hotness doesn’t stop at the patriotic wardrobe and flowing hair. Go pick up a copy of Land of the Free and see for yourself.

The Seventh Seed

The Seventh Seed

Reviewed by Jetana Mutter

*This book was provided for an honest review

When you hear ‘conspiracy theories’, people typically tend to think of the crazy people who like to wear tin foil hats that spew out all kinds of things. “Big brother is watching you”, “Aliens do exist” or “Big pharmaceutical companies have the law in their pocket”, things of that nature. What if, though, there was more to those so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ than meets the eye? What would you do if you found yourself inside of a massive public cover-up to keep the public from knowing who did what? I’m not a stranger to conspiracy theories, my husband loves them, and over time I have seen some wild ones; however, the story in The Seventh Seed by Allison Maruska provides the ultimate government and big pharmaceutical company working together cover-up.

The Seventh Seed is a standalone sequel to The Fourth Descendant, and in this book we follow Javier, who has gained some knowledge that LifeFarm- an all in one pharmaceutical and agricultural company- desperately wants to keep hidden from the public’s eyes. He has discovered a new type of insects and bugs that are pesticide resistant; but, it’s what they have evolved into that has causes for concern. The new superbugs are carriers of a virus that has no vaccine available. Javier tries to do the right thing in informing someone but it goes the opposite of how he envisioned it. Now he is being held captive and awaiting to be transported to a holding facility. After an incredible escape, he now has to find his way to a lab to look at the specimen’s that he has to create a vaccine. Along the way he meets some unlikely allies. What will happen to Javier and the Allies? Will the vaccine be the key to bringing down the corruption… will the vaccine even work? Pick up a copy of The Seventh Seed by Allison Maruska today, and find out for yourselves!

The Seventh Seed is the first book that I have read from Maruska, but it will not be the last. When I first started reading this book, I had no idea that this was a sequel because it read very well as a standalone. The story line is perfect, in my opinion, because conspiracy theories are tough to write in a convincing way- but Allison nailed it. It had the perfect balance of theory, people who question what they’re told and those who wish to do something about it. Timing is everything when it comes to taking down a big company like LifeFarm, one that has the government in their pocket; but the catalyst comes from an unlikely source, throwing long awaited plans into action that could possibly change the way things are, forever. I look forward to going back to read the first book, to find out where the chain of events in The Seventh Seed started at.

Nineveh’s Child

Nineveh's Child

Reviewed by Jetana Mutter

*This book was provided for an honest review

What is it about the end-of-the-world scenarios that grab our attention? For me, I think it’s to see that even under the direst of circumstances, life goes on; but it’s how life goes on that makes it interesting. There’s all different kinds of ways that you can imagine the world ending: an asteroid hits Earth, major disasters change the face of the world and human kind has no other option but to flow along with it, and my favorite- nuclear war. Ever since the Cold War in the 1960s, nuclear war has always been in the back of everyone’s minds and what would happen if there was another World War that involved nukes. How would that change the course of human history? Could the human race survive and if we could, what would life be like? Nineveh’s Child gives us a unique perspective on those questions.

Nineveh’s Child follows Dinah, a young girl who lives on the surface helping tend to a farm with Karl, Uma and Rosalyn. Dinah didn’t always live on the surface though- she comes from Nineveh, an underground development that was originally established when nuclear war was waged on the surface, making survival difficult. She always planned to go back to Nineveh for her brother, Ruben. When the village Dinah lives in is attacked and farms are set on fire, she is the only one in the house to escape and must survive on her own as she tries to make her way back to find Ruben. Along her travels, she meets some companions who inadvertently bring the very people she’s looking to avoid, who in turn take her prisoner. Dinah escapes with some help, and she decides that she’s going to go looking for these people to see if what she thought she saw is true- Ruben is now their ringleader. Will Dinah make it to Nineveh and be able to save her brother? Does Nineveh hold a more sinister plan than she remembers? Pick up a copy of Nineveh’s Child today and find out!

Gerhard Gehrke brings a different approach to the dystopian genre with the first book in his series, complete with monsters, giant man-eating birds, and mad scientists. This book is a great read if you like dystopian worlds. The sequel, The Tin Bride, is sure to continue the strange but brilliant world that Gehrke has given us and I look forward to reading it!

Pure Dark Vol. 3

Pure Dark Vol. 3

Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review


So far, from the first and second volumes of the epic ride through Pure Dark, we have encountered many mind-altering events that we will never forget. As I have said before, there is nothing in this world like the Pure Dark series; it is the ultimate new generation of Tales from the Crypt. The chaotic nature of each Pure Dark volume are all intertwined with the next, so to understand the turmoil of events that concludes with the end of this book, it is very important that you read this series from the first book. One day I happened to be standing around when I overheard someone saying that nothing creeps them out any more- that everything is paranormal this and paranormal that. I couldn’t help but turn around immediately and asked if they wanted something that will make them seize and turn their brain into mush; and if, by chance you happen to survive, you get a t-shirt. Of course, the person turned around and said yes. I told them to go online and get a copy of Pure Dark Vol. 1 by Andrew MacKay today, then get the second one when they finish as MacKay offers you the ultimate challenge for both your stomach and your mind.

Welcome again to the Pure Dark! In vol. 3, a lot happens that has your brain scrambling around trying to figure out what the hell you have just read- it is not a bad thing at all, as almost every chapter had me screaming ‘what in the hell is that’ or ‘what is going on here,’ (classic traits for Andrew MacKay.) Although this one did not make my stomach turn like the others, there is still plenty of MacKay’s writing that will make you scrunch your face and squirm in disgust. The story gets a bit thicker and darker in this volume, from the first chapter until the end. You will have your jaw on the floor and trying to poke your fingers in your brain to understand what exactly is happening. Volume 1 is my favorite so far but this one was a close second by a lobster’s claw. Who am I kidding? The whole series is great! If you are tempted to read the Pure Dark, I assure you that your dreams will never be the same again. Through the three volumes that I have read, I have had enough crazy dreams influenced by MacKay’s stories that it isn’t even funny. The vivid details that he lays out before you is fantastic. Join the Pure Dark and you may never go back to your normal self- that I assure you.

Andrew MacKay, you magnificent creator of nightmares, I always salute you. Yes, you are the unholy master of vivid nightmares in the world we live in today. You bring me to my knees to bow down to you every time I read one of your volumes. It brings me much joy to read something so disturbing, sickening and straight from the dark itself where anything can happen. This is why I will always think of you as the true master of constructing the most confusing nightmares and I will always be looking for more from the Pure Dark series. I am still sitting here thinking about the third volume because MacKay leaves us on one hell of a cliff edge to hang from; and it chaps my ass that I have to wait anxiously for the next one like a season of a television show. Well, I’m off until next time- I have a flight to catch, we are leaving for Fallopia and it is going to be an eleven hour flight so I need my rest.

The House on Hayden Pond

The House on Hayden Pond

Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review

Do you love movies such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious or The Conjuring? It is what frightens everyone, the possibility that there is a more sinister afterlife out there; the jump scares that make you feel like demons and evil exist in the world today. Paranormal is a tricky genre that has to be done right or it can feel cheap and cheesy or boring and plain. The characters have to be perfect to pull off the ultimate goal of scaring people. The evil has to creep through and make the characters fall. What if I told you that I had found someone who has just upped the game in terrifying you through every chapter? One where you grip the sides of the book, and pray you won’t bite all of your nails off while you continue to flip through the pages- making you scream at the characters as if you are watching a horror movie in a theatre. Well, I have indeed found that person- Jessica Monks with her book The House on Hayden Pond. Do you dare to continue on to experience true evil? Would you be able to survive without your heart pounding out of your chest as the book relentlessly haunts you in such a way that you will never forget?

Have you ever heard the saying that ‘nothing is free’? In The House on Hayden Pond, the Bolton family- a happy family with three children that the parents love completely- receives a house. An isolated one that sits on the out skirts of town, but with the Bolton’s long time prayer answered they begin the move in to the house. They are adjusting to life in a new area when disturbing things begin to happen- inside the house, something is hungry. The sinister acts that are thrust onto this family will make you want to scream and cover your eyes but keeping them slightly open to continue reading. Will the Bolton’s truly adjust to the new setting? Will they survive the house? Darkness exists in the world that Jessica Monks has provided for you… just remember to keep the lights on and lock your doors.

Jessica Monks is talented and creative- the front cover is a bloody child’s hand print from her own child, which just adds to the creepy factor. She actually had me screaming at the characters as I read. Monks connected me to the reality that the Bolton family is going through- from beginning to end. She is great at getting under your skin with some unholy events that can occur if you are not too careful; no matter where I am, I will always be checking on my kids- ensuring their safety because the paranormal realm can happen to anyone, anytime. This is the first book that I have ever read from Jessica Monks, but I hope it will not be my last. I wish to read more from her- getting to scream at the characters that she creates is a pleasure as not too many authors have that ability. The House on Hayden Pond resides in a genre that is not going away anytime soon, and the book has been a nonstop thrill ride from chapter to chapter- it has me begging to read more soon.

The Hungry

The Hungry


Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review

How many movies, books and comics are out there that have something to do with the undead? Answer: a lot. How many of them actually stuck with you that made you fall in love with and become a lifelong fan? Not many, I’m sure. Well, I am here to say that I have found one in the world of apocalyptic undead scenarios that is unlike anything else that is out there. The Hungry, created by the brilliant minds of Steven Booth and Harry Shannon, brings you a truly different class of zombies that will bring you back to the conspiracy politics of George A. Romero that is truly unique and not clichéd. There is enough non-stop action to have you teetering on the edge of your seat, focusing in on the pages- one right after the other. It will challenge you to try not to wake anyone that is sleeping while you laugh and may keep your panties bunching in effort to not piss yourself. I’m not sure how they did this but Booth and Shannon have created the perfect start of a series that will continue on for years to come when we join Sheriff Miller as the rise of the undead starts.

Penny Miller, the star of The Hungry, is a strong female character that is in the midst of an apocalyptic zombie uprising. In the town of Flat Rock, Nevada, she will do whatever it takes to protect those that she has been sworn in to serve as sheriff. Around every corner she is met with the uptick in the zombie population, a murderous and lawless biker gang, a pathetic former husband, National Guardsmen who are ruthless- stopping at nothing to fulfill their orders- and meeting the scientist who is responsible for the zombie outbreak. There are so many more different characters to name that you will build connections with, even loving to hate, that you will never forget. The details give you enough to vividly see the scenario play out in your head as you read. The Hungry mixes up a madness of gore, sexiness, action, violence and humor that is laid out perfectly within the pages to keep you hooked- reeling you in until the end and giving you one hell of a cliff to hang on to as you wait to start the next book in the series.

Okay, so I admit that this is the first book about a zombie apocalypse that really hooked me in by the side of my mouth and made me drool on almost every page- leaving me Hungry for more. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a top notch strong female character with a nasty mouth in a white wedding dress? Penny Miller is my new Lara Croft. I would love to see how far this goes- it is already a six book series with a side story, Blood Desert, coming out towards the end of 2017. Miller actually reminds me of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill; yes, Black Mamba in a wedding dress with the attitude of the minds that put Miller together, Steven Booth and Harry Shannon. Booth and Shannon then takes the story and invites the world of Sons of Anarchy into this alternate universe, making it a great read from start to finish with some truly unforgettable phrases. Hopefully, one day we will see this as a television series or the next cult classic zombie film as this series has more going for it then Resident Evil– yes I said it and it’s true, Miller is a much more believable and stronger character than Alice.

I bow and clap my hands together to honor the design and layout of every character within created by Steven Booth and Harry Shannon; they are both very talented and have perfected their skills to allow them to present the outcomes surrounding Sheriff Miller. Almost as if they had gotten together to come up with an idea for a movie and just decided to say ‘You know what? Let’s make a book series instead and let the readers beg for a movie later.’ They are passionate about what they do, as you can see from the book, and will become legends in the zombie world if they haven’t already made it there. It was a great privilege to read this non-stop page turner through until the end of this chapter- which reminds me, I need to move on from here and see what happens in the second book, The Hungry 2: The Wrath of God. I am proud to say that I will read anything that comes from Booth and Shannon, and I say that if anyone who does not stop for a moment to read this will regret it, because here sits a truly fascinating story that you have been waiting for in the undead realm.

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Star Maps

Star Maps

Reviewed by Jetana Mutter

*This book was provided for an honest review

Are we alone in the universe?  It’s a question that has been asked countless times, and yet there’s no definite answer.  Conspiracy theories are abundant around this- from the crash in Roswell in the 1940’s to people speaking out about being abducted today.  Honestly, it’s a pretty big universe out there and Earth just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things so it’s entirely possible (how could only one planet sustain life out of multiple galaxies is beyond me.)  Also, how do we know for sure that other life forms can’t exist on other planets without oxygen?  Every organism is able to adapt to their environment, evolution is proof of that- but what if there were extra-terrestrial beings walking among us that had adapted to our atmosphere?  In Star Maps J.S. Frankel gives us an interesting take on life outside our planet and what it would mean to be in contact with one of those life forms.  This young adult sci-fi book is an outstanding look at the possibilities that exist until we finally get that proof- even then, who’s to say that all alien forms look the same?

Star Maps follows Carl Thornton, a seventeen year old kid who loves the sky and mapping out the stars in the night with his trusty telescope.  Through a series of events, Carl finds himself living with his Uncle in a little town called Alamo in Nevada- where the desert sky gives him plenty to look at during the night.  He’s not the most popular kid in school, and he’s okay with that for the most part- at least he has his stargazing and that’s plenty for him… until the new girl starts.  Grace just moved to the Alamo area with her father, looking to have a fresh start.  All the guys are lining up to ask her out but none catch her attention the way that the lonely stargazer does.  Things are going well for Carl and Grace, until she lets him in on her secret- she’s not exactly from here, and she doesn’t mean Kansas, either.  Living near the hotbed of alien secrecy that is Area 51 doesn’t exactly help the budding relationship out.  Can Carl help Grace and her family get out of Nevada without the US Government catching wind?  What will happen to Grace and her family if the secret does come out?  Pick up a copy of Star Maps today and find out!

This was my first time reading anything from J.S. Frankel but it certainly won’t be the last.  J.S. took a classic theory and gave it a very unique twist in just who these visitors to our planet are and how they blend in around us.  I have always operated under the assumption that aliens must exist- as I’ve said, the universe is pretty massive so it’s a little unnerving to me to think that Earth is the only planet that life can be found on; whether it’s the little gray guys that everyone ‘knows’ about or even just single celled organisms, there has to be life somewhere else- otherwise, we’re a pretty lonely planet.  To take sci-fi and blend it with young adult fiction is not an easy task to undertake but Frankel did very well in blending the typical with the unexpected in Star Maps and makes me look forward to seeing just what else he has up his sleeve.

Pure Dark Vol. 2

Pure Dark Vol. 2

Reviewed by: Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review


In Pure Dark Vol. 1, we experienced the terror of the mind behind the one they call Andrew Mackay- a true original in every way that brings you to the unfolding nightmares that are chained and secured behind this sickening flesh of a book.  Bound by the chains that are torn apart by the key that was handed to me to unlock the evilness of the world of Pure Dark itself- with many warnings, as if inside of overly marketed haunted house while you wait in line.  You slowly come up by these signs reading WARNING: TURN BACK NOW, but the stubbornness kicks in and you keep marching forward.  With your friends grabbing you by your shoulders screaming into your eyes, ‘Please don’t do it’ as they come out petrified and scarred for life, with little remnants of what’s left of their souls; they have pleaded with you not to go but all you did was blank out and see their mouths move up and down, as you laugh while saying ‘I want my t-shirt when I survive it’ and move forward.  Do you dare to walk in the mind of Pure Dark Vol.1 and 2?  Will you survive the madness inside and collect your t-shirt so you can let the world know that it is truly unique and you will never forget the experience it has placed before your eyes?  Go find out now and meet the dark itself.  You will regret you ever did.

Welcome, to the Pure Dark! This will never run out of steam in my eyes.  Through time we go and find the darkest things that make us squirm into a corner and cry, or find the darkest, most deranged thing to do to make us vomit; other times we find the most pleasures to satisfy us.  Deepening the thick darkness that surrounds you as you are elevated through the pages of Pure Dark Vol. 2, it leaves us clambering yet again.  Like with the first one, we are bound into the flesh of the book no matter how dark it may get- then we get a bit of a nightmarish scream that holds you within to the boundaries I thought he would never go.  Pleasingly, I am excited to say ‘Well done Andrew Mackay, you have done it again.’  He brought my stomach and tied it with my intestines together and tried to grab them outwards, sewing them outside of my body that holds everything complete.  Not too sure if I can ever go back to my normal self after reading both of these volumes of Pure Dark, but I assure you it is a slippery, wet sloping slide throughout that will make you cringe and desire more from the mastermind of Pure Dark Vol. 2.  So, my question to you is are you ready to enter the Pure Dark again and experience the unimaginable while coming out on the other side as you never were before?  You have been warned, but I am pleased to welcome you to journey through the darkness if you dare.

Andrew Mackay is a master at crafting the worst nightmares we fear most, laughing and watching us as we grab the trash can too late while projecting our insides out, vomiting into our path watching it as it drips on our self.  I am sure he gets a kick out of this.  Mackay is dark and twisted, I promise you when you experience him in his words.  You will even say as I do, he is a legend within the deepest parts of our minds, as he clings to your nerves and watches you hide.  Mackay is a force to be reckoned with, going and touching the deepest parts of our flesh as it tingles, burns, and finally melts away.  Again, I have to say thank you Andrew Mackay for bringing me into the Pure Dark once again.  I will be coming back soon where I will be waiting patiently for my Baby Champagne and for the main dinner course.