Upon Waking

Upon Waking

Reviewed by Demetrius Svette

*This book was provided for an honest review

Throughout time, we have come to face our fears through the eyes of many legends: Wes Craven, Stephen King, and so many more that the list would probably be the length of the whole review. Fears that lock us down and shown in various ways; however, there is only one female villain that made us fear her the most, Annie in Misery by Stephen King. Not many people stretch the boundaries to bring a top notch performing female lead that is realistic enough to give the most terrifying character in the horror genre. I have to say that Upon Waking by J.R. Park is very imaginative, creative and is probably the only one who had topped Annie Wilkes- making her seem like a friendly guest compared to Cassie (Park’s ultimate character for Upon Waking).

At first, I had no clue what I was reading- I thought that it was people waking up from nightmares- but the more I read on, I began to understand the nightmare was actually happening between each character and Cassie. Cassie is not a lurking monster or some creature; she is what we fear most. The realism that Park provides us causes the pages tear outwards and come to life, making you turn them for more terror as it continues through many unsuspecting souls- deep in the realm of extreme horror. I have had many opportunities to read some creative and deep horror but J.R. imparts the best, tenfold, in this no holds barred read for fans of the extreme. No rules, just as the flesh will not cut itself. Join the best and truly terrifying Cassie as she unlocks the door to bring you into the madness from the mind of J.R. Park.

This was my first read from this particular legend in the horror world. Having said that, I am excited that this was my first as it showed me firsthand what he is truly capable of; it actually made me feel comfortable as a writer and not just a reviewer. Upon Waking fascinated me in a way that I haven’t been since first discovering Clive Barker. Park deserves to be in the highest ranks as he petrified us with the gory descriptions that gives a slap of a twist and folds the end comfortably for a second read. This will not be the only book I read from him, I will read until my shelves are full of books that have J.R. Park on the spine.